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Exclusive: How a box with classified documents ended up in Trump's office months after FBI searched...

The Justice Department wants to know how a box containing a handful of classified records scattered among copies of presidential schedules turned up at Mar-a-Lago late last year, well after several... source from 1 month ago

Classified Docs Found After Being Moved Back to Mar-a-Lago

Justice Department officials want to know why a box containing classified records was found at Former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate late last year, well after federal agents and Trump... source from 1 month ago

Manhattan Law Firm Davidoff Hutcher & Citron Sues Steve Bannon for $480K in Unpaid Legal Fees |...

Davidoff Hutcher also asked in its complaint that the state Supreme Court schedule “a hearing on the reasonable attorneys’ fees DHC is contractually entitled to as the prevailing party in this... source from 1 month ago

Pence risks 'embarrassing spectacle' if he defies subpoena: conservative jurist

Retired Judge Michael Luttig, who advised Mike Pence against going along with Former President Donald Trump's plans to block the certification of the 2020 election, is now warning the former vice... source from 1 month ago

Greg Kelly: THIS is leadership & this is what a President looks like

Greg Kelly reacts to Former President Donald Trump's visit to East Palestine, Ohio, & forcing the hand of Democrats to visit the area that was devastated by ... source from 1 month ago

Will Trump & Allies Finally Face Jail for Election Lies? Georgia...

The special grand jury in Georgia that is investigating attempts by Former President Donald Trump and his allies to overturn the 2020 election has recommende... source from 1 month ago

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