About TrendMemo

Twitter trends are pretty insightful, capturing thoughts and emotions of the Twitter populace at any given point of time. But since the trends on Twitter's website and app are always changing and it’s not easy to change your location each time, we miss to notice the overall mood and trends that evolve over the day. This is where TrendMemo.com comes in.We are offering you not only recent data but also historical trends in major countries or even cities worldwide. TrendMemo helps you keep track of top Twitter trends for the past 24 hours for 400+ locations worldwide. Trend timeline gives you an hour by hour timeline of top trending topics. Trend tag cloud gives you the trending topics' tag cloud for the day.

TrenMemo stores and analyzes Twitter data to bring you insights on trending topics and help you keep up with the audience. Twitter reveals trending topics in its app. However, as those trends are constantly changing it’s almost impossible to keep track of things, yet alone monitor other locations. And that’s exactly where TrendMemo shines offering you not only recent data but also historical trends in major countries or even cities worldwide. We take the quality of the tools we provide seriously. See the way for us to improve? Please let us know. Like this place? Feel free to share the vibe with your friends. Submit the form

Why I can't find certain trend here even though I've seen it trending on Twitter/elsewhere?

There's few reasons why this could happen: For compliance reasons we only retrieve trend data once an hour, and we might have missed it the moment we checked last time. If it's going to be trending long enough there's a good chance we'll capture it next time. If it's not, though, it might never show up on our radars. We're using Twittter API to get the data. For whatever reason list of trends Twitter sends us is sometimes different/shorter than what one might observe in the app.


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